• a mother/father/daughter incest scene

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Miley sees her Daddy’s cock as he gets ready for his shower and begins to talk openly with her mom about it. She wants to watch her mom suck her dad’s dick. Her mom isn’t crazy about the idea but finally tells Miley to hide in the closet so she can watch from there. But it doesn’t end there…she sits on her husband’s face to shield his vision and motions for Miley to come suck her father’s cock. Then she sits on her husband’s midsection while dangling her tits in his face so that he cannot see that it is his daughter that is impaling her vermin pussy on his dick. When he finally hears his daughter’s screams, it is too late…he is lost to the pleasure his daughter’s tight pussy is giving him. What follows is one of the hottest incest scenes ever…dad fucks daughter, daughter sucks dad, dad licks daughter while daughter licks mom, dad fucks mom while daughter licks them both…very hot stuff. From the film Friends & Family 4. 

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